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WinBackup 2.0 Standard

Awarded Best Backup Software by Computer Shopper and termed "exceptionally simple to use" by PC World, WinBackup 2.0 Standard is now the obvious choice for home and small office users.

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fpHelp Builder Business 8.5.05

fpHelp Builder Business

fpHelp Builder Business -  The fpHelp Builder is a very simple and powerful Microsoft FrontPage add-in that allows the conversion of a web site to...  
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AnalyzerXL Package 5.0.24

AnalyzerXL Package

High speed works. Related:technical analysis, stock quotes, historical quotes, excel spreadsheets, neural networks, mutual fund, financalc for excel,...  
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TraderXL Pro Package 7.5.61

TraderXL Pro Package

PortfolioXL is a portfolio tracking add-in. BacktestingXL enables you to test and evaluate end-of-day trading strategies using historical data. TraderXL...  
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Sales Balanced Scorecard for Excel

Sales Balanced Scorecard for Excel

Finished and wrong files are cleaned automatically. Just download it to have a try, you will love it. Sales Balanced Scorecard for Excel - This is a Sales...  
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Without any adware or spyware. Just download it to have a try, you will love it. Setup it and relax in pause of working. So one more software with this nice creature for your collection. Uninstaller included.

WordPipe can change thousands or millions of documents, and can even make multiple changes simultaneously to save time. Excellent software. Very User-friendly interface. Related:WordPipe Search Replace, Word Processing, word documents, Wordware PIM for Word, Personal Information Manager, address book to word, telephone directory to word, Create business letters, Create business envelopes, Create business...

Remember to use Your Uninstaller! weekly to Make you PC Fast and Clean! Your Uninstaller! also has an internal Startup Organizer which can safely remove or hide unwanted auto-run applications. It's very useful for finding out SPY programs, it can search all possible positions that applications could start from and list them in a clear way. You can view the details of any application. You can even...

Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum Suite - Lazy programmers think that what you don't see doesn't hurt you and so they only include the main program components in the Uninstall entry in the Windows?Control Panel. The rest isn't visible but it's still there, adding more and more unnecessary ballast to your Windows?setup with every program you "remove".

Using separate settings for left and right channels, the plug-in can "spatialize" the sound for example by enhancing high frequency on one channel and boosting the lower ones in the other. It is a DirectX plug-in that lets users equalize mono and stereo wave files tracks from within audio applications that support the DirectX plug-in architecture.

Compatible with all 32 bit Windows operating systems. Works with MS Visual Basic versions 5 and 6. Error events, process completion events and communication events are provided for each thread. Async is a multi-threaded activex control that gives visual basic developers the ability to easiily create multi-threaded applications and components without the complexities normally involved. Async provides...

Nevron Diagram for .NET is a fully managed, extensible and powerful diagramming framework, which can help you create feature rich diagramming solutions in WinForms and WebForms. The product is built on top of the Nevron Presentation Framework and thus provides you with advanced capabilities for stunning visual impact, which you will not find in any other product - including commercial standalone diagramming...

Tabby - A simple method for re-organising the tab order of controls in an easy interface. The vbDT tool also allows you to add new standards and customise existing standards.SummaryAll of the vbDT features can be accessed instantly via the toolbar, and allow instant and immediate results.With the QuickCompile tool alone hours can be shaved off compilation times.Projects can be error trapped with ease...

You needn't download this file from begin next time: just run the Copy and Restore and your downloading will be resumed from the last point when the process was broken. Even if the standard copying methods reject the process.

Don't take our word for it,see for yourself. Quickly shutdown or reboot the system with no additional confirmation. Configuration from last run is saved and auto loads on start-up. OkPress is a shell enhancements utility for automatic message boxes or application dialog boxes closing. Just click a mouse button anywhere and the active dialog box will be closed. In addition you can Minimize all windows...

The standard Add/Remove program can't uninstall applications completely which offen leaves broken registry keys ,unnecessary files on the hard disk. Easy to use for the beginner. Absolute Uninstaller can wipe off all the junk files clearly in seconds.

Compare Structures. Compare several structures or build your own! Related:DBISAM Database Manager, Project Manager, Maintain tables, Queries from single location, Interactive Pascal Scripting, Server Connect, Manage DBISAM server online, Compare Directories, DOT Prompt Support, Local SQL View, database management, manage database, database manager, Information Management, Database Program, query data...

Acces2MySQL Sync gives you a chance not only convert your data with synchronization, but there is also a possibility to choose particular number of tables to be converted and organize application work using command line parameters and choose whether to copy the identical records from source database to the destination database or not .

The internal storage system allows you to keep various electronic documents in one or several document databases. Documents can be added to the document database by several ways: imported from a files on a disks; obtained from a scanner or digital camera; pasted from the clipboard; or created directly from ADK. The integration in the Windows Explorer simplifies document importing in the ADK database.

This components set allows to create Delphi/C++Builder applications with direct access to MySQL DB without BDE and ODBC. Graphics primitives supported. Its easy to understand, clear and intuitive user interface makes it very easy to use.

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