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CLR Tabs To Spaces

Here are some uses for the program: Convert a text file containing a tab delimited table for import into a graphics design or CAD program. Convert source code, usually tabbed at 4 characters instead of 8, for an e-mail message or a word processor.

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Round LED ActiveX Control Source Code

Round LED ActiveX Control Source Code

Compatible with all newer compiler versions. Without any adware or spyware. It's easy to understand, clear and intuitive user interface makes it very easy...  
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PlexLotto 8.8.45


Search winning numbers Statistics: Number Freq, Pair/Triple Freq, Hits/Skips,Odd-Even, Low-High, Consecutive, Sum of Digits,Last Digit, Sum of Numbers,...  
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2D/3D Line Graph Software 4.63

2D/3D Line Graph Software

With a free trial and Money Back Guarantee, try it out today. Finished and wrong files are cleaned automatically. With many configurable features and functions...  
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Color ComboBox ActiveX Control 8.9.93

Color ComboBox ActiveX Control

Very fast install. Easy to use for the beginner. Color ComboBox ActiveX Control offers an easy method for a user to select a color from a combo box based...  
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Built-in edit-debug-compile-test cycle for Tomcat. Generate and test within one minute. SSC to Java/JSP version 3 + 4 (incl SSC to HTML) - Good-looking calculating JSP-page from Excel. Separate JavaBean with full source. 165 Excel-functions supported. No Excel needed on server. No Excel needed for the users of the JSP-pages.Use it for expense report, survey, order forms, reservation forms, employment...

Property page to customize your color selection . Flat or 3d mode . axColorPicker - AxColorPicker is an ActiveX control that mimics the Office? color dialog. It offers a much more intuitive way of selecting colors. Property page to customize your color selection .

Draw overlay time stamp (18 different date formats) on live video or save to video file. Programmatically control Video Standard (Pal and NTSC). Single frame and image sequence capture. Video Compressor setting including DivX, XVid, WMV.

It supports C,C++,VC++(Visual C++ .NET),VB(Visual Basic),VBA,Qbasic(quickbasic),VBScript(VBS),ASP, Visual C#(C sharp),Visual Basic .NET(VB.NET),Visual J# .NET,VC++.NET,ASP.NET,Java,JSP,JavaScript(JScript),Delphi(Object Pascal),PowerBuilder(PowerScript),PHP,Visual FoxPro and Perl programming languages.

Specify the web browser preview. Javascript Glide Navigation Tool gives you the ability to create a powerful navigation system for your web sites within few minutes! Script can be customized highly. You can specify a lot of properties such as text, font, color, link, background color and more by clicking your mouse. You don't need to learn and write any complex Javascript parameters by yourself. Windows...

Some advantages that Balloon OCX has over conventionaltooltips: multi-line text; change look (fonts,size,color,etc.). Without any adware or spyware. Related:Balloon OCX, ActiveX Control, Active X, ActiveX software, download ActiveX control, Software Developer, office activex, office application, office intergrate, office automating, office online, word ocx, word activex, excel ocx, excel activex,...

Each cell may have its own background and text color. Additional custom properties supported: Custom Edit, DateEdit, EnumEdit, FileEdit, FolderEdit, NumberSpinEdit and more. Supports the capture of both standard text / numeric values and more complex data items such as Color, Font, File names, Pictures. Full demonstration and online help included.  Anywhere the user needs to edit a wide range...

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