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Project Utility Belt (PUB) Add-in for Microsoft Office Project MEI Company has developed PUB as an add-in for Microsoft Office Project 2003/2007, Standard or Professional. If you are an MS Project user, you will love its powerful, time-saving features, which reduce many of the commonly used actions in Project to a single button click. The Common Category Filter (CCF) feature greatly simplifies the construction of task filters. It can be tedious to build complex custom filters in Microsoft Office Project, or use AutoFilter across multiple data columns. For example, creating a filter that handles just two data fields (categories) and two values in each requires three button clicks (Project>Filtered for>New), entering 4 rows of filter settings using proper structure for the and/or condition, and then two more button clicks to accept and apply the filter. Any change to the fields or values requires a repeat of this process. CCF lets you create and execute this same filter with just 6 clicks of your mouse. Open the CCF using the CCF button. Click the two values you want in the first category (data field 1) and the two values you want in the second category (data field 2). Then click the Apply option. CCF will automatically create the filter and display the results. Better yet, you can select a new set of values in any combination by simply activating the CCF button. So you can see that CCF allows you to easily construct a filter using up to 12 custom data fields and any number of value combinations. Additionally, you control the list of categories that are displayed at all times. To change the mix of categories and values, just open the CCF menu, click the Modify CCF button, and follow the CCF Setup menu. The Drill Down button will show all subtasks under one or more selected summary task(s), instead of your entire project. Simply scroll down your schedule and select those summary tasks you want to expand. These summary tasks may be located anywhere in your project, and they may be at different outline levels. Once you have selected desired tasks, click the Drill Down button and the selected tasks will be expanded. Conversely, the Drill Up button will hide all the subtasks under one or more selected summary task(s). Adjust row height throughout a view with the Row Height utility. Activate the Row Height utility and it will display a form that will allow you to set the row height on-screen to your desired size. Have you ever printed a Gantt Chart and found that the longest task names are not fully displayed, because the row height is too small? The Row Height utility automatically ensures that your longest task names won't be hidden. Change timescale to minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or calendar quarters with a single click. Display a pop-up reference calendar for any 3-month or 12-month period you select. Turn off all Groups and Filters, and Show Summaries and All Outline Levels, with a single click of the View Reset button. Adjust timescale size interactively with the Timescale tool. Changing the size of any timescale is a three click process (Right Click the timescale bar, change the size, click OK) using the built-in functions. Since you won't see the results in real time, this becomes an iterative process until you find the right value. Here's a different way to operate. Open the PUBTM Timescale dialog box, use the arrows to zoom the size up or down, and instantly see the effect of your change on the screen! When it looks right, just click Done. It's that simple. The PUBTM Show/hide summary tasks function reduces the number of required button clicks from 6 (Tools>Options>View>Click Â?Indent name> Click Show summary tasks>OK) to a single click (PUBTM Summary button). Similarly, links display and the built-in AutoFilter can be toggled on or off with a single click. Recalculate a project with a single click.

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