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Time Entry - Allows users to accurately keep track of time allocated on different categories or subjects. Multiple users can work simultaneously, simply install the application on a shared network directory. The Time Entry sample application provides you with a basic workflow for designing and building applications in Flash MX Professional 2004 using data components, forms, and data binding. This article introduces you to the application and provides some basic information on its structure. You will benefit most by looking at the source code, reading the comments, and reviewing the way I use data binding to control the flow of data between the components. All the code within the application is fully documented. The workflow described in this sample application will be familiar to users with an application development background. Functionality it is split among several classes, each providing a public interface to expose business logic. The code for the entire application is contained within several external ActionScript class files. In addition, the sample makes use of many of the new features of visual data binding.

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