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Turnkey Site - Cash Site MLM - We are glad you took your valuable time to select the Right Downloadable Software Product. If you need any assistance please click on our "Live Help". We'll be glad to guide you through your online selection and ordering experience.Ready-to-go Turnkey Websites with php MYSQL scripts. Compatible with CPANEL host.You can customize the look of your site by simply adding your own logos etc. All you need is a domain name and hosting. ONCE SETUP, THESE WEBSITES RUN ON THEIR OWN! They are built to work with Paypal, they sell for โ.00 each, sometimes more. They also have their own admin section where you can maintain your site.I set a image hosting site in just 10 minutes! Just imagine, for 10 minutes of work you could have a fully working website from a huge list of options and if you don't have time to run it ... sell it! Make $$$.Some "established" websites being sold today are nothing more than turn-key websites that have been hosted, and have easily sold for 贶.00+ EACH!

Turnkey Site - Cash Site MLM - PLEASE NOTE - There is a No Refund Policy for this Product. Due to the Nature of the Order Processing and Shipping we could not retrieve the software back, sold as is!

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