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  • DSDns Active component

    DSDns Active component

    DSDns Active component - A COM component that allows you to do forward and reverse DNS lookups, IP address verification and also reveals your current IP address. DSDns is light weight DLL (32K) and can be used in any environment that supports COM.

    Tags: IP address, COM component, 32K, DSDns, current IP address, verification, component, DNS lookups, light weight DLL

  • DnsLibrary


    High speed works. Very fast install. The library supports the following record types: A, MX, SRV, NS, CNAME, PTR, TXT. No adware and No spyware.  The library implements 5 components: DnsLibrary. Server, DnsLibrary. Resolver, DnsLibrary. Authentication, DnsLibrary. ResourceRecord, DnsLibrary. ResourceRecordSet. For secure updates, HMAC-MD5 (BIND) and GSS-TSIG (Microsoft) are supported.

    Tags: secure, DNS, TSIG, Kerberos, GSS, MD5, script, Basic Authentication, , HMAC

  • Red6 Domain, Dns And Web Hosting.

    Red6 Domain, Dns And Web Hosting.

    Domain Name Registration Services, Net Org Tv.Don't hesitate to let us know via the After-Sales Service department. Our efforts to improve our after sales service and provide customers with the utmost in comfort and convenience are tireless. Generations of manufacturing experience ensures the highest quality product. We are the manufacturer! No middle man! A sale is not something you pursue, it...

    Tags: Red6, Hosting., And, Domain, Dns, Web,

  • EzDNS


    EzDNS publishes and/or e-mails your PC's local LAN IP and global WAN IP address, currently running processes and connection information to a remote web page or text file that is customizable. Features include: minimizes to system tray icon, copies IP address to clipboard, logging, refresh intervals and sample web pages ready to use.

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  • GoldNStream


    Just download it to have a try, you will love it. Configurationfrom last run is saved and auto loads on start-up. Without any adware or spyware. GoldNStream - Mid-term - because it works not inside of the day, and it will be very possible that it will do only 100 trades for the whole year, but ... It will define the Trend so precisely that you should not regret for missed time ! Contains the most complex...

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  • Yeast Infection Secret.

    Yeast Infection Secret.

    Highest Converting With 75% And Super Low Refund Rate.30 day money back guarantee. It's a limited time offer. It's a very handy product at an affordable price. We provide good customer service and after-sales service. The customer's perception is our reality. To our customer. We may not have the answer, but we'll find it. WE may not have the time, but we'll make it.

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  • Hdtv Uncovered.

    Hdtv Uncovered.

    Learn The Secrets Of Your Hdtv.Save time by ordering online. This product is designed for ease of use by customers. Suitable for any PC or Mac OS 8 and above. We offer our customers the most qualified and new product on the market. It's a very handy product at an affordable price.

    Tags: Uncovered., Hdtv

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