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Pack Bgames : Insert coins
Pack Bgames : Insert coins
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    Pentium IV 1,6 Ghz (ou �quivalent) Carte graphique compatible Dx9 128 Mo 400 Mo DD 512 Ram (xp) 1
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    Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7
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Pack Bgames : Insert coins Description
LETHAL JUDGMENT Deluxe 4 and Lethal judgment 3 : End Game: Defend your planet during 6 courses of intensive and destruction all over the place! High graphics resolution, 3D effects, particles and boss end up at this impressive cocktail detonating action can get! PUREBREAKER 3 Deluxe edition: Relive the thrill of breakout bricks of yesteryear while advantage of a technical explosive! Designer 3D, dementia weapons, bonus profusely; try experience "last brick wall! B-Intruders 2 Circle of Extinction: Destroy the hordes of warlike aliens through 15 levels in the game constantly renewed by original mission. A mouse control and single blowing special effects for this arcade game frenetic and addictive! BLUE BALLOONZ: A totally new concept: you are a ball and your goal is to destroy the balloons! Form 4 lines balloons destroyed as well color and discover beautiful wallpapers high resolution. Management of physical and control at mouse for this game full of originality!

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