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User Privilege Manager 1.0
User Privilege Manager
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    Microsoft Windows NT /2000/XP/Vista! System memory: 256M bytes Hard disk free space: 500M bytes
  • System:
    Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows Vista
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User Privilege Manager Description
This software is easy to use, and it has many power features. The features as the following: User privilege Manager has a powerful utility to restrict & monitor windows user's activity. It can control and audit the activity of all unwanted users: they cannot access some special files, cannot use some appointed software, cannot download and install new software, cannot modify windows system settings, and cannot run programs from cdrom / network / USB disk. Also, their screens are periodically captured and saved as jpg files. Even a user who have OS administrator account, he / she cannot escape the fate of being controlled and monitored. User privilege manager protect and hide your private files / folders. User privilege manager can protect your private files by handling all the system file access requirements, NOT ONLY can it is stealth, but at the same time support FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS file system. User privilege manager can protect and hide folders and files with wild cards. So you can protect all files in all folders of your choice. It exceeds and extends windows account manager, even a system administrator is not above the restriction rule of it. It works in kernel mode, and it integrates with windows OS user accounts, and consumes very little of the memory and CPU resource. User privilege manager is an auto run program, there's no need to start it manually. It works in background, and the security service is invisible and real-time. Once installed, User privilege Manager will starts its self-protection function; any other user can not find / stop / uninstall it. User privilege Manager can capture all users' screen shots, and compress them as jpg files, you will be able to see what was done by other users. For these functions, it exceeds other similar software. It provides mightiness protection thus bringing your data and computer security to a higher level.

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